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Bulb Planting

9th October 2011

Planting in 2010

1st November 2012

Phil Bulb Planting2012 Group Bulb Planting

28th September 2014

BulbPlanting_2014_09_28_015 BulbPlanting_2014_09_28_013 BulbPlanting_2014_09_28_037A

Joseph (7) and Curtis (5) our youngest recruits

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Helpers from Garforth 8th Brownies


At Wakefield Road/Townend and

Charlie Sweeps Corner

BulbPlanting_2014_09_28_054 BulbPlanting_2014_09_28_057

Enjoying Bacon Butties after the hard dig

Thanks to the Scouts for the use of the Hall

13th October 2014

9000 bulbs Planted in 20mins by the contractors Hopefully the show will be from late February to June

BulbPlantingAuto (8) Spring2015_2015_04_02_001

After 6 Months


April 2nd  2015

CharlieSweeps_2015_04_09_012 CharlieSweeps_2015_04_09_017 Bulb Planting 2015 Bulb Planting 2016


23rd October 2018


Hi all, thanks to everyone who joined us this morning. I think there were about 50 or so of us, amazing! Many thanks to cooks Karen and Elaine and all the other washer-upper


Thanks to Darran Gale and Carol Woodhead for the photographs


Bulb Planting 2017